5kva,7.5kva,10kva open dgset

5kva, 7.5kva, 10kva open diesel generator set.

Brand new Dg set of Atop power company.

available in single phase and three phase variants.

Handle start Genertor.

1 year service warranty.



Introducing the ATOP Power 5kVA Open Diesel Generator Set – Reliable Power at Your Fingertips

Meet the ATOP Power 5kVA Open Diesel Generator Set, a totally new solution to give you the power you need.

Cool Stuff About It:

  1. Easy Start: Instead of confusing buttons, this generator starts with a handle and ready to give you power.

2. Different Power Options: We have generators with different strengths: 5kVA, 7.5kVA, and 10kVA. It’s like              choosing between small, medium, and large power packs. No matter what you need power for, we have a                generator that fits.

3. Brand New : These generators are completely new, which means they work great and won’t let                                     you down. You can trust that your power will always be there when you need it.

Pick Your Power:

5kVA: This one is perfect for homes and small businesses. It can power things like lights, TVs, and small tools.

7.5kVA: Need more power? This one can handle bigger things like bigger tools and more electronics all at once.

10kVA: If you have a big job or event, this generator can handle it. It’s like having a big power button for anything you need.

One or Three Phases:

We know that different things need different kinds of power. Our generators come in both variants single phase and three phase, pick according to your needs.

The ATOP Power  Open Diesel Generator Set family is all about giving you power that’s easy to use. With a handle start and choices from 5kVA to 10kVA in both one phase and three phase types, you’re in charge. Trust ATOP Power to give you reliable power whenever you need it.


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