62.5kva Kirloskar silent Diesel Generator

62.5kva Kirloskar silent Diesel Generator set.

Engine: Kirloskar 4R 1040 (reconditioned)

Alternator: Dzire(brand new)

Canopy: Koel Green Kirloskar Canopy(brand new)

1 year service warranty.



Introducing the 62.5kVA Kirloskar Silent Diesel Generator Set – Your Silent Power Partner

Meet the amazing 62.5kVA Kirloskar Silent Diesel Generator Set! It’s like a super-strong battery that doesn’t make much noise. This generator has a special Kirloskar 4R1040 engine that’s been fixed up to work like new. Plus, it has a totally new part called a Dzire alternator that keeps the power steady. All of this is kept inside a new Kirloskar canopy, which makes sure everything stays quiet.

Cool Things About It:

1.Strong Engine: The generator has a Kirloskar 4R1040 engine that’s been made strong again. It gives you lots of power and works really well, even when you’re using a lot of electricity.

2.New Alternator: There’s a new thing called a Dzire alternator. It’s like the generator’s heart, making sure the power it gives you is always steady. You can count on it to keep things running smoothly.

3.Quiet Cover: The generator is wrapped in a new Kirloskar canopy. This keeps the noise down and protects everything inside. It’s also tough and can handle different weather.

4.Easy to Use: Starting and stopping the generator is simple. You can do it with easy controls, making everything easier for you.

5.Useful Anywhere: This generator is great for lots of places, like big work sites and businesses. It’s strong and reliable, no matter where you need it.

6.warranty: We’re so sure about the generator that we’re giving you a 1-year warranty for any service you might need. We believe this generator will work really well and keep you happy.

Strong Power for Different Needs:

With a power capacity of 62.5kVA, the generator can power up homes, businesses, and events. It’s like a big power bank that can handle lots of things at once.

Get ready for the 62.5kVA Kirloskar Silent Diesel Generator Set – a super quiet generator that gives you super strong power. With its reconditioned Kirloskar engine, new Dzire alternator, and special Kirloskar canopy, this generator is all about giving you the best power experience.

Choose the 62.5kVA Kirloskar Silent Diesel Generator Set today and get ready for quiet, powerful, and reliable energy whenever you need it. Your journey to uninterrupted power starts here.


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