62.5kva Cummins Silent Diesel Generator

62.5kva Cummins Silent Diesel Generator.

engine: Tata 709 turbo (reconditioned)

alternator: dzire(brand new)

new Sudhir canopy.

1 year service warranty.



Introducing the Cummins Silent Diesel Generator – 62.5kVA: Powerful and Reliable Electricity Machine

Meet the Cummins Silent Diesel Generator – 62.5kVA, your trustworthy source of strong and dependable electricity. This generator isn’t just any machine – it’s made with careful planning and high-quality parts to give you top-notch performance.

Special Features:

  1. Like-New Tata 709 Turbo Engine: Inside this generator is a Tata 709 Turbo engine that’s been fixed up to work like new(completely reconditioned). It’s super strong and reliable, giving you steady power whenever you need it.
  2. Brand New Dzire Alternator: Working together with the Dzire company, we’ve added a brand new alternator. This part helps change the power from the engine into electricity for you to use.
  3. Modern Sudhir Canopy: Our generator comes in a new Sudhir canopy that’s both stylish and useful. This cover makes the generator quieter and looks good too.
  4. Very Quiet Operation: Our generator lives up to its name – it’s really quiet! With special technology to make less noise and materials that absorb sound, it won’t bother you when it’s running.
  5. Easy to Use: Starting and stopping the generator is simple. You can do it with easy controls, making everything easier for you.
  6. Useful Anywhere: This generator is great for lots of places, like big work sites and businesses. It’s strong and reliable, no matter where you need it.
  7. Efficient and Good for the Environment: Our generator uses fuel wisely and doesn’t waste it. It’s also made to be kind to the environment, so you’re using power responsibly.
  8. 1 Year Service Warranty: We believe in our product, so we offer a 1-year service warranty. This means we’ll help you if there’s any problem in the first year. Warranty covers engine and phases of Alternator.

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